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Inside Our Process For Creating Your Unique Digital Marketing Plan

Our Process

1. Discovery

The Discovery Call is crucial for us to understand your company's overall marketing plan and business needs. We will gain insight into the business itself, its products and services. We will gather information and determine if there is a mutually beneficial relationship to pursue by setting expectations. This allows both parties to clarify what they can expect from each other, including the scope of work, timeline and potential outcomes. It is also important for us to learn about the company's marketing budget, so we can determine the best possible use of resources to achieve the desired outcomes.

Armed with the discovery information, we will develop a comprehensive marketing proposal and send to you within 24 hours.


This proposal will include a combination of marketing techniques, customized to your target audience and industry trends. We will identify the most effective channels to reach potential customers and tell your brand story.


2. Proposal

3. Contract

If you agree to our proposal, a contract will be emailed to you within 24 hours for your signature and your strategy/onboarding session will be scheduled. Payment for the first month is due at time of contract signing. We begin with a 6 month commitment due to the time it takes for onboarding, execution and receiving data back from marketing campaigns.

During the onboarding process, we will develop an engaging and creative social media strategy that is specific to your business. Creating a strategy is the foundation of your business. We will meet with your team to determine the best strategy to build your online presence that resonates with your target audience. During this time, we will gather all your assets and admin information (logos, social media accounts, logins, etc.) needed to execute our digital marketing plan.

4. Onboarding

5. Execution

Once Surfside Social Media has the necessary assets and information, the strategy is put in place. This is where the magic happens and campaigns come to life, telling the story of your brand and engaging with customers like never before! This execution typically takes between 2-3 weeks. Our team will create your digital marketing content and begin executing your social media plan with your team’s approval.

The success of a marketing campaign can be measured in different ways, but one of the most important is through monthly analysis of its effectiveness. This is done by tracking engagement and conversion rates, which provide valuable insights into how well the campaign is resonating with your target audience and if adjustments should be made. We like to give our campaigns a minimum of three months in order to receive accurate data.

6. Measurement

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